“The journey

of a thousand miles begins with one step.” 

Lao Tzu

Taking the first step...

Into relationship with yourself can be the most challenging and yet intensely rewarding choice you can make. We believe that every human being is naturally moving, one step at a time, towards health, peace and love.

We Provide a unique therapeutic environment based not on heartache and hard work, but rather a supportive, experiential, play-filled environment where deep, internal shifts have the space to happen. Whatever your struggle...








social issues

intimacy and relationships

or any other of life’s struggles...

We are here

We will support you in creating an open, intimate, supportive, trusting and loving relationship with yourself. We will help you to find the understanding, compassion, partnership and relationship with yourself, so that you can experience joy, peace and love within, regardless of what life throws your way.

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