There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: one is roots, the other is wings. 

Hodding Carter 

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Our Approach to Therapy with Children

We believe that every child is perfect just the way that (s)he is, even if (s)he is experiencing difficulty...

grief                                   depression

loss                                    aggression

anxiety                               fear of the dark   

sadness                             attention issues

separation anxiety            low self-esteem

impulsiveness                   learning problems

fearfulness                        social withdrawal

bed wetting                       outbursts

fighting                              other childhood difficulties

Through play therapy, the struggle can be resolved and transformed into a child’s greatest strength.

How does it work? Children communicate through metaphor. Meaning that, instead of using words to explain how they feel, they show us by acting it out, most clearly through their play.

By being present with a child’s play we enter that child’s experience of the world. Often times a child struggles simply because (s)he cannot explain his/her feelings and needs with words. By understanding how to speak the language of play, a therapist can fully understand what a child is communicating and what they need.

When a child

feels fully seen,

heard and understood,



As parents and caregivers, we believe that we should understand what our child is feeling and needing all of the time. The problem is, when a child doesn’t know, (s)he can’t communicate it. The play therapist will help you by communicating the feelings and needs for your child. We believe that asking for help takes courage and also a great deal of love. We will honor your love for your child with deep respect throughout the therapeutic process.

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